I’ve been wanting to share with the community for a while now so I’m going to do it, GOD DAMN IT! I thought id start off with a new YouTube channel I’ve found its got some nice little bis and bobs in there which is a nice resource.

Plans for 2020

Lockdown has helped me to start doing portfolio work again, not as much as I would hope but i seem to have been more inspired than usual which is odd. The scene I’m working on is an old scene called “the Acent”. The idea came from a trip to Japan which really inspired me to create, Unfortunately I’ve been putting too much into my Work.. work? so I’m looking forward to focusing on myself for abit.

The idea for this scene is too use Substance Designer too create most of the content as a learning excise and too see how far i can push it.

The mood:

(imagine these had a baby)

Scene In current State.

So here is the latest of the scene, I’m currently just getting the props in. Had some props made for this a while ago so I thought I’d post some content too wet the appetite.

Current Scene will basic lighting ETC.
Prototyping a Substance designer Foliage generator. I’ll post up the graphs once its cleaned.
Cheeky oil lamp, handles mirrored.