Haven’t made as much progress as I wanted too over the last weeks, been doing the complete opposite too my original plan, whoops. In the meanwhile I’ve been spending some time trying to learn come code to help with the website and fix some responsive issues I’ve been having, I’ve hit a wall with my code skills so I think Its the best Its going to get for now! 

The scene.

I’ve been doing some odd bits here and there, mainly exploring some materials as well as blocking out the trees and seeing what a difference it makes, I think right now there not quite right scale wise but that’s the point of block-out right!.

Roots Material.

I wanted something too break up the mud floor with some interesting shapes i want thinking flag stone but I’m thinking i might add them as an additional Geo layer with Geo Roots poking through. As a support too that I’ve made a Root material base which is showing some good first signs. I’m going to turn it into a generator when I’m finished and hopefully that will help with any other ground based materials in the future.

State of the scene

added some of the block out trees as a rough idea not overall happy with the scale shape, i think they need to be more lanky and less wide. It might be nice in the final scene to either replace the pink tree with a bonsai pine but I’m worried about loosing the colour.

Fern Generator

I’m quite happy with the Fern generator at the minute I’ve edited it so i can create other small ground leave plants, materials need work but its overall working nicely i can then create atlases to form meshes from.

In the examples below you can see the an aged version on the right, this is all done with a slider so i can quickly iterate on the look.

Next I’m going to clean up the tree block-outs, get them right.